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The First Poem  (note: this is a "place-holder" for a real poem)
Outside, the choir is singing--
This is the day the Lord had made.
It's a glad song. Everyone's clapping.
--an unknown poet


An angel with soft, heavy arms falls
To me, in my arms calls to me
"Do you accept Jesus Christ
As you personal Lord and Savior?"
I whisper in her ear so only she can hear;
"Every Sunday in church we recite:
We believe in you, O God, Eternal Spirit
God of our Savior Jesus Christ
And our God, and to your deeds we testify:
You call the worlds into being,
Create persons in your own image
And set before each one the ways of life and death.
You seek in holy love to save
All people from aimlessness and sin.
You judge people and nations by your righteous will
Declared through prophets and apostles.
In Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth,
Our crucified and risen Savior,
You have come to us and shared
Our common lot, conquering sin and death
And reconciling the world to yourself.
You bestow upon us your Holy Spirit
Creating and renewing
The church of Jesus Christ
Binding in covenant faithful people
Of all ages, tongues, and races.
You call us
Into your church to accept
The cost and joy of discipleship
To be your servants in the service
Of others, to proclaim
The gospel to all the world and
Resist the powers of evil,
To share in Christ's baptism and eat
At his table, to join
Him in his passion and victory.
You promise to all who trust you
Forgiveness of sins
And fullness of grace,
Courage in the struggle for justice
And peace, your presence
In trial and rejoicing,
And eternal life
In your realm which has no end.
Blessing and honor,
Glory and power
Be unto you. Amen."
Some Sundays after prayer
I wonder why I am
Not like Alfred Barone, born
In Salerno, Italy
Of noble parentage, at an early age
Turned to religion
Stoned, imprisoned, he was
Almost burned at the stake
Nonetheless, with the help God,
He was able to give birth to many
Protestant missions and churches
Throughout Italy and later
In America where he preached
The Gospel and established missions
In Haverhill, in Springfield,
In Monson, in Stamford.
Yes I have sinned angel
You who has never witnessed
Evil or selfishness, "take me
To the river, drop me
In the river, push me
In the water, washing me
Down, washing me"
Yes angel all this is
Exaggerated but didn't he
Say I exaggerate to tell the truth
Who what where when why.
Chapter I, Verse I: The Word.
Will you walk with me
Before the darkness overtakes us
Before, before she never comes
Ever since my mother died
I believe in nothing, sometimes
I'm called back but
Years later I see her still here
In the way I see you angel
Mom Mom I see you
Mom Mom wave to me
Please, on the river's edge, peace
I am a priest acting
In a Bergman movie
In the beginning was the word
I cannot understand
Take me to the river
Drown me in the river
He says and he is
Lifted up out of the water
Into a dream carried
On a wooden platform
Angel, he says
Where are we going, she says
Not there, it is only
Dreaming, angel why is
Pain easier, why angel do you
Mean it is more difficult
To love, reading fossilized prayers
My body breaks, cracks
Like thousands of vibrating atoms
Into nothingness into
The earth where I planted
The milkweed it is pain
Singing a quiet hurtful song
Swells from the earth below
If I knew how to sing
If I knew how to talk
If I knew how to believe
If I knew you angel to be
Real, here, with me, I walk
On water, in this dream
She carried Tolstoy's book and cried in the motel
Bathroom where crying happens, for months
We had been learning and writing
And by May or June her eyes
Perfect and perfect memory
Haunts in a tiled room eyes bleed
black sky
Clear water
It is
This way of seeing, light
From a constellation, blinding
While I waited halfway across
The country searching the stars and the sky
For that tearful sign, I called out in the dark wet haze
Leo, Capricorn, Orion you who
Are never there, again when I
Look I see roses blooming
In the backyard, memory tells me
This, her sigh pictures a landscape
In another life
The mystic tells me
I am a priest
Who are you
Call me call me
You who
Are all
Ways there
dot dot
dot dash dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot dash, dot
dash dot dash dash
Call me call me
You who
dot dot dot dot, dot, dot dash dot dot, dot dash dash dot
Me call
Me love
Me call
You who
dot dash dot dot, dash dash dash , dot dot dot dash, dot
Me you Angel 
Bring love
Love love love
All there is love
Love is all there is and
Where are we
Tell me a story, please
Forgive me, I want
To believe, I want
To burn with love
With belief, with you
Searching for the answer