Dennis Barone

Sara Lando

Letitia Trent

Laura Chester

Helena Kvarnstrom

Patti Ann McEwin

Alaina Burri-Stone

Miriam Greenberg

Terry Palka

Wade Savitt

Jennifer Rimm

Bruce Barone

Angela Gwinner

Melissa Howard

Terri Browning

Allyson Kalea Boggess

R. Gerald Dressen

Theory and Method

     A notebook, at first pencil thin, grows thick with ink.  It fills and
fattens with notes, names, numbers, references, quotations, tales, lines,
lyrics, and then it abruptly ends, closes, shuts.  It cannot be written
again.  It cannot be written over.  To attempt to do so is to become
indecipherable, to remove all the white space from around the black ink,
that white space that lets this black ink speak as much or as little as it