R. Gerald Dreesen

Sara Lando

Letitia Trent

Laura Chester

Helena Kvarnstrom

Patti Ann McEwin

Alaina Burri-Stone

Miriam Greenberg

Terry Palka

Wade Savitt

Jennifer Rimm

Bruce Barone

Angela Gwinner

Melissa Howard

Terri Browning

Allyson Kalea Boggess


I smell jazz cookin'.

Whiffs of riffs


notes hoppin',


like water

on a hot frying pan.

I smell jazz cookin'.

Thin sliced,

medium rare,

marinated, soakin'

up the juices,

poured in syncopated


I smell jazz cookin'.

Somethin's on fire!

Burn it down, baby!

Leave the charred pieces

for me.



This was the last photograph.

I knew them all, these young men,

old boys.

I loved them as an old field loves rain.

Andrzej, in the back, wanting love,

nothing more. Lucas, the ‘mad hatter’,

dark eyes looking for angles,

a different path. Filip and Pawel on the left,

inseparable to the end. Tomas, the angry one,

under dark furrows of hatred.

And Szczepan, the outsider, always looking in.

My Michail, the leader, standing out,

his yellow jacket the light that led them here-

this place where I last saw them.

I was told to leave. I did not look back.

Did not see the train that took them.