driving to new hampshire she says I am pretty right now and that is all that matters i hear this hymn danger danger wrong turn directions open arms rock a bye baby breasts pertain to lingerie flesh blood answer me i am coming down i am sorry sir there is no listing for a woman by that name are you sure you have the right name sir no listening for her name slower traffic keep right we are one name unify for better or for worse historic marker ahead wake up enter here i have seen it before history repeating left at light no turn on red now dream on dream on i love you i love you i love driving down the road driving down the road driving down the road watch children maybe we can make a deal the golden apple the garden the river all you can eat just north of the city line see the light chemistry stories sometimes there is no second chance franz liszt never heard of him here we are this is my favorite spring day song where would i be without you lonely yarns next right

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