-for Katharine
apologies to Sophocles and Emerson
(a working document)
This is beautiful, this
Is not, what is
Beauty but that
Which we hunger
Like light, fundamental
Unarguable, self-evident
Principle of beauty
In the beginning
Was the word and we
See the world not
As it is but as
We are, this is
Beauty, the truth
That comes each morning
Sweeping down
Up, the birds
The tiny spirit
I see asking
Nothing, perfect
In their exacting
Form, flooding
The sky, it is
The snow
Last night
And now
If you listen
You can hear the chipmunk
Scurry away in the garage
I want to hear
A Chopin Etude
And look
She says it is
The black bear
The thick woods
Rainy days by the river
(more later)